Interactive Sandbox
for preschool education

New technologies — to kids

We bring the newest techonologies in computer science to children's education
kinect, Interactive sandbox
Motion tracking
via Kinect technology
projector, Interactive sandbox
Image projecting
on sand's surface

Interactive Sandbox — a system, where sand turns to the earth's surface with lakes and mountains, volcanoes and valleys by technology of augmented reality

Interactive Sandbox provides learning materials in a new way — children can learn things by playing with them. The child creatse his own world out of sand and changes it.

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pdf, Interactive sandbox Lesson using
Interactive sandbox

Why interactive systems
become popular in the education?

Modern technologies are more effective than traditional methods.
benefit1, Interactive sandbox
Integrative approach
The possibility of studying several subjects at the same time.
benefit2, Interactive sandbox
All according to plan!
Corresponds to one-year planning in preschool educational institutions.
benefit3, Interactive sandbox
Technical support
Detailed instructions for use and reliable working daily technical support.
benefit4, Interactive sandbox
Any profile teacher can use
Methodical manuals are developed for teachers, defectologists, speech therapists and psychologists.
benefit5, Interactive sandbox
Easy to use
Our systems are easy to turn on, configure and transfer. The structures are safe and protected from children's antics.
benefit6, Interactive sandbox
Recommended for lessons with children with disabilities
Interactive systems have proved to be an effective educational tool for children with disabilities.
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Why you should choose us?

The "Innovations for Kids" Company occupies a leading position in Russia among ICT developers for children.
benefit8, Interactive sandbox
The lessons are adapted for different ages
The blocks of classes are adapted for groups of ages:
3-4 years, 4-5 years, 5-7 years.
benefit9, Interactive sandbox
Based on experience
Systems are based on existing preschool education methods and are easily integrating into the educational plan.
benefit10, Interactive sandbox
Learning through the game
Children have an increased motivation to study at the interactive systems — they really enjoy it!
benefit11, Interactive sandbox
Unique method
Educational interactive systems have no analogues in Russia and abroad.

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Teachers reccomend us

Experts in education trust to our products
, znakcom 1075848 666x444, Interactive sandbox
Elena Kouzova
Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Chelyabinsk Region

The project corresponds to the MODERN TRENDS OF EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT It is also interesting for parents, because through it they can learn how their child develops. We are going to support this work in the education system of the Chelyabinsk region.

, snimok, Interactive sandbox
Marina Solodkova
The psychologist of the developing center
of Tatiana Polyakova

Classes in the interactive sandbox help the child to develop comprehensively and contribute to the normalization of his psycho-emotional state.

, 0 710a6 df7d7ee4 l 1 1, Interactive sandbox
Nailya Korovchenko
Head of kindergarten №127

The complex gives an emotional impetus to the development of cognitive activity and motor activity in children Games increase motivation to learn and successfully correct unwanted tendencies in child development. I am sure, and it was shown by practice that the introduction of complexes in the educational process of the kindergarten will raise the level of preschool education.

, 0a580a7ca0a45d3e0f902c16e211a442, Interactive sandbox
Irina Geht
Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Chelyabinsk Region

The development fits to the specifics of preschool age and corresponds to federal standards in the field of education Having familiarized with the project, I consider it appropriate to apply it in educational institutions and social protection institutions.

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Interactive sandbox
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