Welcome to Innovations for Kids!

We are a young and friendly team of developers of cool educational complexes for children. Once we realized that preschool education needs in technological improvement and that we want our children to develop at the speed of the development of the whole world.

Our history

2012 год
Creation of a company. The founder of the company Dmitry took his child to kindergarten and saw that the educational technologies had become outdated and the idea came to teach children interactively with the help of the new Microsoft technology - Kinect. Was created the first prototype of the game "Crossing the road".
2013 год
A methodical council for the development of interactive classes on the basis of the Pedagogical State University was created. The company took the first place at the regional stage of the worldwide Microsoft competition "Imagine Cup". Took 2nd place at the regional final of the contest "Microsoft Imagine Cup" in Innograd Skolkovo. Created a new product - an interactive sandbox.
2014 год
Created two new products interactive whiteboard and interactive table. For the complex "Play and develop" was created a block of lessons "Mathematics" for children of older age groups. Sales of products at the federal level have started.
2015 год
Adapt existing games and classes for children with disabilities. The first foreign sales began. The Block "Security" for the complex "Play and develop" is expanded.
2016 год
"Innovations for Kids" became residents of the IT Park Chelyabinsk. Also, the company won the "Startup-Sabantuy 2016" competition, passed the accelerating program "Sabantuy CEO Camp" in the IT park and, having entered the top three finalists, became a resident of the local IT park.
2017 год
At the beginning of the year, a new design of the interactive sandbox "Forest" was designed and developed. A new block of studies was created - "English language". The translation of all products into English began.